Glowing Lean: Challenge Accepted

I have one more bit to add from the last post.. while I’m still here, awake and slightly immobile..

I spoke a lot of Kimberly Snyder in our last entry and I will start by reassuring you that although she has helped me design a template of my lifestyle – it is not something I have practiced religiously and I do my best to make healthy choices that work for me. Her way is not for everyone and I just want to assure you that I do not intend on pushing any one persons’ ideals of eating habits onto anyone reading. Everyone is different and not one thing works for the majority. Each to his/her own. At the end of a day eating habits are essentially habits and it takes time for our subconscious to adapt to this change. Every single diet out their requires this debunk of old habits.

More on Glowing Lean: This nutritionist I speak of has designed a module called the Glowing Lean System: a beauty detox program that I have purchased to challenge myself with. It’s suggestions are huge changes from the traditional north american eating ideal in which I had mentioned before: eating light to heavy. She provides many delicious recipes to choose from and instead of offering a “time of day” to eat; she presses the fact that it is most important to eat when we actually feel hunger. We have been shown that we must eat small, more often in the day to target our metabolism to become lean however this wears down our digestive system and we essentially lose energy when our body is constantly accepting and breaking down what we eat. This can often hinder us when we eliminate which often results in constipation. I don’t mean to get into the gritty details but doesn’t it make more sense on a natural level that the more we poop, the more our bodies feel light and energetic?

Anyways, having continued on this write-up into the morning, today is day 1 of my Glowing Lean adventure. for the next three months my goal is to either prove this module as a doable, sustainable lifestyle or that if it is just another diet that can make one feel deprived and restricted. This module suggests that it is sustainable, and I believe it is. However, my eating habits fluctuate and like any human being I have days of over-indulgence but because I have a. spent money and b. openly committed myself to Kimberly’s regime I will be in it to win it 100%.

Over this time I will do a weekly check-in of how I feel, how my body feels, changes in my energy, possible changes in my physicality and strength. The idea of this program is to help people tone, become energetic, vibrant and healthier literally from inside out whether it is the health of their finger nails, sheen in their hair, clear skin (although I’ve never had an issue in this department, thankfully) and a even acquire more positivity in their life.

Hopefully in three months this is something I will continue to do and I can enable and empower people to make a great positive change for themselves. A change is always difficult but it is something you must be ready for; well I’m ready!

Anyways, It’s 10am, I’ve been up for two hours and I’m finally hungry. I’ve certainly missed that feeling!

With love,



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