Triathlon Training (and Staying Strong!)

I (Jen) have decided to go back to my roots and have signed up for a sprint triathlon with my mom! We used to do them together and we’ve been eyeing the Athleta Esprit de She series for some time now, but neither of us have lived close enough to the race sites to make it worthwhile.  Since I will be in Michigan this summer, I’m nice and close to their Illinois location, so we’ve decided to bite the bullet.

I don’t want my strength training to suffer during my prep for this triathlon, so I’m going to try and incorporate heavy lifting into my prep schedule.  I have about five months to train, so I should be able to swing it.

I’ll keep you posted with my training with the triathlon tag.  I’m excited to get started!Image


2 thoughts on “Triathlon Training (and Staying Strong!)

  1. thanks for sharing. g’luck on the training. maybe finding a local cycling group will help. i found riding in a group is always more fun and safer too. i live in LA where they hate bicyclists. who’s more proud of whom? you or your mom? my son who is 11 is signed up to do his first triathlon. we’ll do it together in March. Cheers, joe


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