Graze Box Review



Hello world, Jen here!

I wanted to stop in and let you all know that I’ve been hooked on the subscription box service, Graze.  I have never signed up for one of these types of services before because they all run at at least $20 box– that’s not a lot for many people, but I’m a very broke, very money-conscious law student. But! I love getting new things to try out in the mail, and Graze runs only $6 per box (and you can set it to come only once month, or you can totally cancel at any time).  I also had a code to get my first box free so I could see if I liked it.

I loved it! I really just enjoy getting things in the mail, which is probably a part of the reason I enjoyed it so much.  It’s not a lot of food (it lasted me four days– one snack per day), but I genuinely enjoyed trying it out. 

How it works: Before the box is shipped you can head on the Graze and eliminate any boxes you don’t like, or any boxes that don’t fit your diet.  You can either tell Graze to only send you vegan items, or only send you gluten-free items…or you can go through and eliminate based on the ingredients.  I personally just went through and eliminated anything that didn’t appeal to me. 

My box came with an ingredient/nutrition sheet, and four snacks

1. The Cheese Board: cheese cashews, herb bites, and salsa corn sticks.  This one was delicious (but I’m a total cashew…and cheese… fiend). I immediately rated it a “love” online so I’d get it regularly.

2. Cookies and Creammint chocolate cookies, roasted hazels, white chocolate buttons, sunflower seeds. This was pretty good.  I thought that there were maybe too many seeds, making it a little bland.  I rated it a “like” so I’ll get every once in a while.

3. Super Berry Detoxblueberries, green raisins, goji berries, and cranberries.  I didn’t love this one and ended up eliminating it from my potential snacks. I went a little too hard on Craisins when I was in university, and am now pretty averse to dried fruit because of it. 

4. Summer Berry Flapjackrustic rolled oat flapjack with berry-infused cranberries. This one was okay– it was kind of like a really flaky granola bar. I’d probably like the other flapjack flavors better, because, you know, the dried fruit thing.


That’s it! I loved my first box and am now signed up for the monthly, just as a little treat to myself.  If you’d like to try it head on over to Graze and get your first box free with the code JENS161MP


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