What’s in my Swim Bag?


I’ve been swimming pretty much all my life.  I grew up in swimming lessons, I lifeguarded and taught swimming for six years, I swam masters, and I swam in triathlons.  Though my love affair with swimming is a bit of a rollercoaster, I always end up back in the pool… But first, I have to pack my bag.  And that’s never an easy task.

What’s in my Swim Bag?

1. A suit (of course).  The longest lasting swim suits are made of a lot of polyester (check the tag).  Without it, chlorine will chew through your suit very quickly.  Always make sure you rinse it out in fresh water after swimming in a chlorinated pool!  I have a long torso, and long torso styles are few and far between, but this Nike style fits great (I think because the back is so open).

2. Flip flops.  So important if you want to avoid a brush with plantar’s warts. Trust me. Do not go to the pool without flip flops.

3. A swim camp.  Some pools require them, but they’re a lifesaver if you have long hair anyway.  I’m cheap so I just keep the free ones I get from triathlons, but they aren’t too pricey at Walmart.  Again, rinse with fresh water after, or they will get gunky.

4. Goggles. Baby shampoo can help stop them from fogging up.

5. Finis Swimp3– an underwater mp3 player.  I hesitate to recommend this because a) it’s a little buggy and b) you’ll never be able to go back to non-music swimming again.  Seriously, these revolutionized my swimming.  This particular brand is great because it works through bone conduction, so you don’t have to put ear buds in your ears (which I imagine would be brutal while swimming).

6. Two towels. I always need more than one.  Lucky people everywhere get free towels at their gym, but not me!

7. Pull buoy & flutter board.  I like drills because they break up an otherwise monotonous swim.  Some people also like flippers and hand paddles, but I just use whatever my pool provides.

8. Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body lotion, face lotion.  I’m not normally someone with a long beauty routine but chlorine is an absolute monster on your hair and skin.  Rinse, cleanse, and hydrate after every swim. 

9. Hair brush.  To rip out those monster tangles.

10. Lululemon “sweaty unmentionables” bag.  My Lululemon gym bag came with great little bag (pictured above) that I can throw my semi-wet suit and goggles, etc. in for the walk home.  It stops everything else from getting wet.


That’s about it for me! Am I missing anything key?

What’s in your swim bag?


Triathlon Training – The First Week

Hi all, Jen here.

Well, I’m now halfway through my second week of triathlon training: redux.  Nothing too exciting to report, except that my new, more balanced menu of cardio and lifting.  I will try and take some pictures this week so that I actually have an exciting post to update with.

Now, I’m off to go grocery shopping…and probably make some of Nidhi’s vegan mac and cheese.

Stay tuned for a substantive article on breaking out of a rut!

Triathlon Training Day 1: Revenge of the Tailbone!

Hi, Jen here!

Today I started my first day of triathlon training.  I’m incorporating Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 program that I’ve been doing for six months or so (with modifications, as always) into it three days a week.  As far as cardio goes, for the first month of training I’m just building up all the cardio that I lost from years of not training for triathlons. So it’s all at in a fairly easy training.  I’ll start speedwork next month.

I haven’t been on a bike pretty much since I moved to NYC and left my beloved bike in Canada. So I hopped on a spinner for 40 minutes today sans bike shorts and it. was. brutal.  My tailbone is screaming.  I’ll have to get my mom to send me my bike shorts ASAP.

I did my bench workout before I biked.  Day 1: conquered! (maybe not so glamorously).Image


Triathlon Training (and Staying Strong!)

I (Jen) have decided to go back to my roots and have signed up for a sprint triathlon with my mom! We used to do them together and we’ve been eyeing the Athleta Esprit de She series for some time now, but neither of us have lived close enough to the race sites to make it worthwhile.  Since I will be in Michigan this summer, I’m nice and close to their Illinois location, so we’ve decided to bite the bullet.

I don’t want my strength training to suffer during my prep for this triathlon, so I’m going to try and incorporate heavy lifting into my prep schedule.  I have about five months to train, so I should be able to swing it.

I’ll keep you posted with my training with the triathlon tag.  I’m excited to get started!Image